3 reasons the Atlanta Hawks can win it all

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Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young

Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks continue to shock the NBA world, and here are three reasons they can become NBA champions.

Who would’ve thought the Atlanta Hawks would be one of the four teams remaining in the NBA playoffs? When they fired coach Llyod Pierce after a horrid start, nobody expected the team to reach the postseason. Nevertheless, Trae Young has led this team to the Eastern Conference Finals and three wins away from the NBA Finals.

The Hawks are a young team, but they aren’t shying away from the moment. Young’s shimmy before draining a three-pointer in Game 1 shows you that they are here for a reason. There is a real possibility that Atlanta could hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of the playoffs, and here are three reasons why that can happen.

3. No pressure and youthful ignorance for the Atlanta Hawks

If NBA fans and experts are honest with themselves, nobody expected the Hawks to be this good or make it this far. However, it’s the youth and the absence of pressure that has Atlanta in this position. The expectations for the team were low this year, meaning they could go out and focus on basketball, not winning necessarily.

Even in the playoffs, the Hawks are playing, as the old saying goes, “with nothing to lose.” Anything they do from this point on is only gravy to their phenomenal season. Teams like the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers, even the Phoenix Suns have some kind of championship expectations on their shoulders. Atlanta doesn’t have that which has allowed them to play free and with less overhead.

The Hawks are also a young team, with an average age of 25.6 years old, according to HispanosNBA.com. This youth plays in their favor because this is many of their players’ first time in the postseason. The youthful ignorance of playing in the postseason is in full effect, as Atlanta is simply enjoying the fact that they are here. They aren’t worried about losing or failing because they weren’t anticipated to be in the conference finals. In a sense, they understand the importance of the playoffs but aren’t letting it detract from their joy of simply being there.

Atlanta is playing with house money at this point, and that is dangerous. With no pressure, youthful ignorance, and them just playing basketball, it makes them a legit threat to win it all.

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