What is the suspicious substance Orioles pitcher had smeared on his armpit (Video)

Orioles pitcher Hunter Harvey. (Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports)
Orioles pitcher Hunter Harvey. (Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports) /

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Hunter Harvey had people raising their eyebrows when he had a suspicious substance smeared on his armpit against the Astros.

Suspicions are high right now in the MLB as the league has cracked down on the use of foreign substances by pitchers.

Umpires are checking gloves and fans are watching every interaction with eagle eyes.

On Monday night, social media noticed something strange about Orioles pitcher Hunter Harvey as he warmed up in the bullpen.

Orioles pitcher Hunter Harvey got Twitter detectives going

Sam Spangler of KHON News responded to the tweet to give a possible explanation.

The Red Hot theory holds water since Harvey gave up two runs during his stint on the mound. He wasn’t exactly having a good time of it. He might have been using the Red Hot to lessen an ache.

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