Tyson Fury spotted renting car without mask amid COVID concerns (Photo)

Tyson Fury is drawing a lot of criticism after a Las Vegas car rental company posted a picture of him visiting even though he’s reported to have COVID.

Almost a week ago, reports broke that Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder 3 is off due to a COVID breakout in Fury’s camp. Fury himself was reported to have tested positive for COVID. A week later, he was spotted at an exotic car rental store and without a mask.

On July 13, Top Rank CEO Bob Arum told Boxingscene.com that Fury seemed much better, and the boxing bout would likely move to Oct. 9. He also shed light on the initial reports of Fury’s positive COVID test.

“He got vaccinated in Miami,” Arum told Boxingscene.com. “He got the first shot. And then he said he didn’t wanna get the second shot because he didn’t wanna get sick [from the vaccination] so close to the fight. So, he got COVID instead.”

According to what Arum told Boxingscene.com, Fury was displaying COVID symptoms last Thursday. That’s incredibly troubling after a picture of Fury was posted on Instagram by Royalty Exotic Cars at their Las Vegas location on Wednesday, July 14.

Tyson Fury reportedly had COVID-19 a week ago but was photographed at a Las Vegas car rental store

“Thanks for stopping by champ,” read a caption under their photo of Fury on Instagram.

Numerous people left comments pointing out Fury’s COVID status. Royalty Exotic Cars turned off comments for the post after more comments appeared.

People online have speculated about the timing of Fury’s positive COVID test and questioned if he ever had COVID at all or if he was using it as an excuse to buy more time to prepare for the Wilder trilogy.

This latest photo isn’t going to help quell those ideas. It’s a bad look all the way around. CDC guidelines state that people who test positive for COVID might have to be quarantined from 10-20 days, depending on the severity of their illness.

If Fury was positive for COVID on Thursday, July 8, it’s pretty reckless of him to be out in public without a mask less than one week later. Fury is losing public support at a record pace.