Costco Labor Day hours: Is Costco open on Labor Day?

Fans of the big box store Costco may be out of luck on Labor Day.

Labor Day is a federal holiday given to United States citizens as a holiday meant for the every-man. It’s become a celebration of the hard work we put in all year round, and a day to enjoy with our family and friends. It also usually means a cookout.

So what happens when it’s Labor Day and you’re having your end-of-summer barbeque but maybe you forgot something. Be it hotdogs, buns, sides, or something else, you can’t be known as “that guy”, so you have to run out and buy whatever it is you’re lacking. The only problem is you’re needing to buy in bulk so that means running to Costco.

The only problem is, will Costco be open on Labor Day?

Will Costco be open on Labor Day?

Costco isn’t open most major holidays. They’re officially closed on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So will you be able to get a hundred pounds of hotdogs for your summer-ending block-party extravaganza?

The sad answer is if you’re lacking something on your Labor Day cookout, you won’t be able to go to Costco to get your supplies. The store isn’t open on many federal holidays, and they aren’t open on Labor Day either.

You might be best off just looking up store hours at other places around the city. Places like Wallgreens are usually open on Holidays, so maybe you’ll find what you need there.

This is one of those holidays you don’t want to go into needing something major. If you don’t have enough food for everyone the day before, then come the day of you’re all going to be out of luck. Practice proper food preparation to make sure you don’t find yourself without what you need come next Labor Day.