Watch: Peyton Manning trolled Tom Brady on Monday Night Football

Peyton Manning took a shot at Tom Brady during last night’s Manning telecast of Monday Night Football.

During the Manning telecast of Monday Night Football, Peyton took a shot at his long-time rival Tom Brady.

Manning, referring to Brady’s Instagram story rant from April, complaining about the NFL relaxing its policy about what positions can wear what numbers.

Peyton Manning praises Tom Brady

Manning is right. Brady, who has always been praised for his cerebral ability in the pocket, shouldn’t struggle to adjust what players are wearing what numbers.

Brady’s complaint about jersey numbers giving a competitive advantage or creating bad football seems kind of disingenuous and hypocritical. This is coming from the quarterback who studies every rule and stretches it to his competitive advantage. He literally tried to throw a touchdown pass to a lineman in the Super Bowl.

So again, Manning is right. Just as Brady studies the rules so he can have the edge on NFL defenses, he can study the scouting report to know that the number nine lining up across him in week one was the MIKE, Jaylon Smith and No. 11, Micah Parsons, was the SAM.

It didn’t seem to be much of a challenge in his first go at it. He’ll have another chance to conquer the challenge when he faces the No. 6-wearing Dante Fowler Jr. and the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday.