Travis Kelce helps fans meet the other side of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce gives fans an inside look at Andy Reid’s madness at practice 

Winners win. It’s why Andy Reid’s success with the Chiefs shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Following a 14-year run with the Philadelphia Eagles, it took former general manager John Dorsey mere hours to contact Reid to head to the Kingdom. New team, same result.

Since arriving back in 2013, Kansas City has tallied seven 10-plus win seasons and made the postseason along that span.

Reid, 63, enters his 23rd season as head coach in the NFL. Age is just a number. The heart can be young while the body continues to grow. With back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, plus having an MVP quarterback calling the shots, it’s a new era for Reid leading the Chiefs on Sundays.

Who wouldn’t love coaching this team?

“He just has fun doing it,” Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce said. “You know, I don’t want to say intimidating, but he was definitely intimidating to me my first couple years going into the league. He just seems like a guy that doesn’t mess around, man. He enjoys what he does. You see it week in and week out.”

Andy Reid’s fun becomes x-factor for Chiefs success 

Two things must be known about Reid and his success since 2018. Kansas City is currently 11-0 in the month of September since Mahomes has taken over the duties of QB1. He also has yet to have a turnover during that span.

The other thing is Reid is known for his game planning after a bye week. Since 2013, the Chiefs are 6-2 following a week off. All-time, Reid is 19-3 when giving extra time to plan his offense accordingly.

Week by week, Kelce says Reid is at his best on Wednesdays. The reason? It’s time to prep for the opponent. Kansas City’s offense is the audience while Reid is ringleader in his own element.

“He shows his personality in that,” Kelce said. “It’s almost like it’s his show, his time to shine and he really loves this game and he loves teaching this offense to the guys in this room because we’re having fun with it and we’re having success with it.”

No surprise that Wednesdays leads to Sundays, which usually leads to a win. Since 2018, the Chiefs are 39-10 with three trips to the AFC Championship and a pair of appearances in the Super Bowl. In that same span, Kansas City has ranked No. 1 twice and finished top 10 by each season’s end.

Sure, players matter. Coaching matters more. Kelce credits the staff as a whole for the team’s preparation to execute in near flawless perfection for four quarters of action.

“The offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy all the way to our quarterbacks coach Mike Kafka to our tight ends coach Tom Melvin and the list goes on to Greg Lewis and the gang. Joe Bleymaier, you name it,” Kelce. “We have an unbelievable staff that’s very creative and understands the type of personnel that we have.”

A staff needs a leader. Reid fits the bill. Father time comes for all, but Reid is lavishing the benefits of coaching a contender.

When will he elect to hang up the headset? Who’s to say?

For now, it’s hard to imagine so long as his spirits are high he’ll be calling it a career with the players at his disposal.

“He knows there’s not much of a ceiling when you have a guy like Patrick Mahomes at quarterback because he can do it all as an offensive mind, you get excited for stuff like that,” Kelce said.

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