Twitter reacts to Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins getting vaccinated

Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins is vaccinated and will be available for all home games. 

The debacle for the Golden State Warriors is now over. Andrew Wiggins is vaccinated against COVID-19 and will be available to play in all of Golden State’s home games at the Chase Center, as well as away games in New York City.

Not only has Wiggins made the decision to protect himself and others, but he’s also taken a lot of stress off of the Warriors. Golden State will no longer have to worry about navigating over half of the season with Andrew not in the lineup.

Andrew Wiggins is vaccinated and is eligible to play in Golden State Warriors’ home games at Chase Center

Due to a local mandate in San Francisco, those who are 12 and older must be vaccinated in order to attend large indoor events. Wiggins was the lone player on the Warriors’ roster that was unvaccinated.

Andrew submitted a religious exemption request to the NBA, but it was denied. All that was left for him to do was either get vaccinated or not be able to play in home games, or in away games against the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks.

The league will no longer have to withhold Wiggins’ pay for the games that he was going to miss if he remained unvaccinated.

Golden State will take on the Portland Trailblazers in a preseason game on Monday night and Wiggins is eligible to play. The question is now if players like Kyrie Irving, Bradley Beal and Jonathan Isaac will follow Andrew’s suit.