Watch: Nick Saban getting roasted for old clip trolling Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M

Nick Saban trolled Jimbo Fisher for believing that Texas A&M was going to knock off Alabama this season but the Aggies head coach got the last laugh.

There isn’t a game that the Alabama Crimson Tide takes the field for where Nick Saban and his team don’t believe that they are going to be victorious. And frankly, that comes with a bit of hubris, which got put on full display on Saturday night against Texas A&M.

This offseason, Aggies’ head coach (and former Saban assistant) Jimbo Fisher didn’t mince words when talking about Alabama, saying that they were “going to beat his a**” when talking about playing his former boss and the Crimson Tide.

Sure enough, Fisher was seeing the future. Though Alabama tried to come back from a big early deficit, Texas A&M held on for a massive win over the No. 1-ranked team in college football. But it was Nick Saban’s response to those comments that got attention after the upset.

Watch Nick Saban look foolish in hindsight for trolling Jimbo Fisher for thinking Texas A&M could knock off Alabama

Getting the Freezing Cold Takes treatment from Twitter, here’s what Saban had to say when asked about Fisher’s comments in the offseason:

Frankly, Saban deserves to get roasted for making that type of remark in the manner that he did. He came off incredibly sarcastic but Fisher is the one having the last laugh as the first and only one of his assistants to beat him so far.

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