Watch: Jimbo Fisher dances in Texas A&M locker room after upsetting Alabama

Jimbo Fisher danced the night away in the Texas A&M locker room following the Aggies stunning upset over Alabama. 

There are nights that Texas A&M fans will remember, and then there’s the nights where the Aggies beat Alabama. Most nights are great, but those ones are special.

Saturday night was added to the short but glorious list of times in recent history that Texas A&M pulled one over on its SEC rival. It’s hard to call it a rivalry when Alabama consistently comes out on top, but that’s true of essentially all of college football.

So when mighty Alabama gets humbled, it’s more than just a win for whichever team ended up handing the Crimson Tide a loss — it’s a victory for everyone who hates Bama.

This particular humbling comes with a ton of extra texture that makes it even sweeter. Prior to Saturday night Nick Saban had not lost to a former assistant coach, an infamous streak that has now come crashing down.

Jimbo Fisher dances in Texas A&M locker room after upset win

To say that Jimbo was fired up to finally be the apprentice who defeated the master is an understatement. Look no further than the locker room celebration after the game, and to a dancing Jimbo for proof:

It’s not quite the Roy Williams meme, but it’ll do the trick.

Jimbo dancing in the Texas A&M locker room has more of a Ted Lasso feel to it than anyone probably expected. But that’ll happen when you not only pull off an incredible upset over the top ranked team in the country, but take down one of the most insane college football streaks in the process.