Jackson Mahomes dances on Sean Taylor logo in Washington (Video)

Jackson Mahomes, the brother of the Chiefs superstar quarterback, found himself in another bad look as he was in Washington with Sean Taylor being honored.

While his brother is trying to overcome a bad Chiefs defense, Jackson Mahomes can’t seem to stay out of the limelight for the wrong reasons.

On Sunday, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs were in Washington as the Football Team held Sean Taylor Day to honor that superstar safety that tragically died in the prime of his career. As part of honoring Taylor, the franchise had a “21” logo put on the field that was roped off to the majority of people in the building at FedEx Field.

Now, it should be said that Jackson Mahomes was not one of those people. However, he should’ve known better (anyone should’ve) than to do a TikTok dance while standing on the logo.

Jackson Mahomes should never have danced on the Sean Taylor logo but Washington should’ve also never allowed it to happen.

Considering his constant presence on TikTok, Jackson Mahomes dancing is nothing new. But the fact that he’s dancing on the number honoring the since-passed Washington superstar on the day the team is retiring his number is just an awful look.

Say what you will about Mahomes, but he is constantly in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Whether it’s this, pouring water on a Ravens fan or a number of other instances, it’s just rarely a good or smart look for him to put himself in the position that he’s in. At some point, given his level of notoriety — even if it’s only because of who he’s related to — he has to display better judgment.

At the same time, though, Washington is also at fault here. The tweet is actually inaccurate as Mahomes and other guests for the game were actually allowed to be in the ropes on the number. How could the organization actually think that was a good idea?

Washington already haphazardly tried to use honoring Sean Taylor as a distraction from the Bruce Allen emails and now they aren’t even letting the ceremony to honor the deceased NFL legend go by without having people walk all over his number? That’s a baffling decision from the franchise.

All told, nothing about this situation looks good. Washington needs to do better, Jackson Mahomes needs to be better and everyone just needs to use common sense. Oh, to dream.