Watch: MLS keeper allows most unfortunate penalty goal ever

Houston Dynamo goalie Marko Maric thought he got saved by the post on a penalty only to allow the most unfortunate goal in MLS history. 

The Houston Dynamo traveled across the state of Texas to face rival Austin FC in a budding MLS rivalry on Sunday afternoon in hopes of repeating their 3-0 victory from the previous matchup. Unfortunately, the soccer gods were very much not in their favor.

In just the 7th minute, Austin FC earned a penalty that would be taken by Cecilio Dominguez. The midfielder fooled Houston keeper Marko Maric, who dove to his left as Dominguez went the opposite direction with his attempt. Much to the delight of the Dynamo, though, his shot was a bit wide and ricocheted off the post.

Unfortunately, the play wasn’t over and absolute disaster struck:

MLS needs to give Houston Dynamo keeper Marko Maric a hug or something after allowing this goal.

Officially, this will go down as an own goal for Maric but, regardless of how it goes down in the stat sheet, it’s a tough, tough break for the Houston keeper.

It would have been one thing for Maric to guess wrong — that’s pretty common on penalties. However, for the ball to bounce off the post and then off of the keeper as he was trying to get back to his feet before rolling into the net is just brutal luck for the Dynamo.

As if you needed more evidence that it just wasn’t Houston’s night in MLS action, Austin FC added another goal in first-half stoppage time to take a 2-0 advantage into the half.