Mets ‘aggressive’ on Max Scherzer free agent front, but will it be enough?

The New York Mets have high interest in superstar right-handed pitcher Max Scherzer out in free agency. 

There are countless teams out there hoping they can come out on top of the Max Scherzer sweepstakes. After a short stint with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Scherzer is indeed a wanted man out in free agency.

One club who has serious interest in potentially landing him are the New York Mets. With Steve Cohen ready to spend big this offseason after missing the playoffs, Scherzer could be in line to receive a major contract from the Mets. Will he end up heading to Queens?

Max Scherzer free agency continues to heat up

Per MLB insider Jon Heyman, the Mets want Scherzer, but they understand that he might not be open to moving to New York. Scherzer could end up staying in Los Angeles, but the Mets are ready to keep shooting their shot.

With that said, Cohen and Co. know that they’ve got to be going after other free agents right now as well. Per Heyman, the Mets are also taking a strong look at fellow stud starter Kevin Gausman as plan b. Signing Gausman would also excite the fanbase.

In the coming weeks, more and more reports will come out linking New York to stud players. Again, after the team missed the playoffs in 2021, Cohen wants to put the club in the best situation possible for 2022 to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Signing Scherzer would send a monster statement to the rest of the NL, of course including the Atlanta Braves. Cohen would love to land either Scherzer or Gausman. We should find out how things turn out here for those two pitchers and the Mets in the near future.