Watch: Steph Curry T’s up ref after receiving technical himself

Warriors superstar Steph Curry went full supernova late against the Clippers and, when the ref T’d him after a bit of celebrating, he returned the favor.

Whenever Steph Curry is on the floor for the Golden State Warriors, opposing defenses should be scared. However, they should be downright terrified whenever the superstar guard gets into his bag after something gets him fired up, the rest of the NBA should just cower in complete, total fear.

Such was the case against the Clippers on Sunday afternoon. After what Curry apparently thought was a foul, the Warriors guard elected to take out his frustrations on the opponent and turned into a hot ball of fire. He couldn’t miss and was absolutely feeling himself.

He was feeling himself so much that, after one ridiculous made 3-pointer, he celebrated a bit too much and the ref hit him with a technical. Curry was so unfazed, though, that he just gave the “T” right back to the official before beating his chest and continuing to get the Warriors hyped.

And in case you wanted a better look at Curry’s “T” form, we’ve got you covered.

Steph Curry T’d up the ref after the ref T’d him up first

Curry turning into a human supernova was clearly beneficial to the Warriors — even if it earned the sharpshooting guard a tech.

The fiery guard continued his bid for another MVP award as he finished the game with 33 points, six assists and five rebounds on 12-of-22 and 7-of-13 shooting from the field and 3-point range, respectively.

But for as good as he played overall, nothing is going to top him T’ing up a ref. That’s something that should put Steph Curry in the Hall of Fame right now — even if he’s clearly already heading there eventually at this point.