Eli Manning throws a touchdown pass to Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant demonstrated that he could potentially be a pretty dangerous mismatch if he played football when he caught a pass from Eli Manning.

While he doesn’t play in the NFL anymore, it looks like Eli Manning isn’t done throwing touchdown passes just yet. Manning showed that his arm is more than capable of completing a touchdown pass to Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant.

While Manning looked sharp throwing the touchdown pass, Durant also looked solid as a receiver. He had no problem at all catching the pass that Manning lobbed up.

Kevin Durant effortlessly snags touchdown pass from Eli Manning

Of course, it helps that Durant wasn’t guarded and this was all for fun. But still, it’s fun to ponder what kind of receiving threat Durant could potentially be if he decided to play football rather than basketball.

While Durant is thin and it’s worth wondering how well he’d do with all of the collisions that come with playing football, he’s quick and far taller than any defensive back he’d line up again. At 6-foot-10 and weighing 240 pounds, Durant would be a potential mismatch wherever he was on the field.

But, all that said, it’s a lot easier to get injured playing football than in basketball. And with Durant playing basketball, we’re more likely to see him be a professional athlete for a longer period of time. It works out best this way.