Davante Adams hints at feelings towards Packers using franchise tag

The future of Davante Adams with the Green Bay Packers has been as in question as Aaron Rodgers’ but the receiver doesn’t seem fond of the franchise tag.

Any Green Bay Packers fan will tell you that the predominant narrative going into the 2022 offseason has been and will continue to be what the future of quarterback Aaron Rodgers looks like. However, QB1’s favorite target has similar questions about where he’ll end up and Davante Adams could be equally as important.

Unlike with Rodgers, though, there are some more concrete rumblings about what could happen with Adams this offseason. Reports emerged heading into Week 17 that the likely outlook is that the Packers will put the franchise tag on the wide receiver.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, though, Adams was asked about what he thought of Green Bay tagging him this offseason. Though he wouldn’t outright say it, the implication seemed to be that he was very much not in favor of that outcome.

Packers: Davante Adams not a fan of being franchise tagged

It seems like the best way to read this would be that Adams is taking inspiration from the adage, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That has to be what he means by answering “safely”.

And for what it’s worth, it’s understandable why a player, especially one of Adams’ caliber and situation, would feel that way. He has the potential to fetch a free agency deal from the Packers or otherwise that would make him the highest-paid receiver in the NFL. A franchise tag would offer him decidedly less and take a year of potential earnings off the table.

As has always been the case with this dynamic Packers duo, though, the future is anything but certain, franchise tag or otherwise. So we’ll have to see if Davante Adams is left fighting what he doesn’t want or if another solution is in the cards.