Kyrie Irving says he’s not changing his mind on COVID vaccine

Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images /

Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving gave a detailed answer as to why he’s “standing on” his position of refusing the COVID vaccine. 

No matter the number of scientists, healthcare workers, citizens and government officials working tirelessly to end the global coronavirus pandemic, nothing can persuade Kyrie Irving in regards to getting the COVID vaccine.

According to Irving, he has “made his decision already” on whether or not to accept the COVID vaccine and is “standing on it.”

“I’m not bringing science into the basketball game,” Irving said as he launched into a minute-long explanation of his current vaccine stance.

It doesn’t look like Nets guard Kyrie Irving will get the COVID vaccine anytime soon

While Irving’s refusal to get the vaccine caused tension earlier in the season when he wasn’t able to participate with the team, the Nets point guard has been allowed to contribute as of late. For the moment, Irving is allowed to participate in practices and away games, but he has not been able to play at home at the Barclays Center while unvaccinated.

Even though breaking the New York City vaccine mandate would only accrue a small fine for Irving and the Nets, the NBA clarified in Sept. 2021 that all teams must abide by local laws.

In his lengthy response, Irving repeated how he doesn’t want to bring science into the sports arena, how he is looking out for his family, and how things are constantly changing in our world due to the threat of coronavirus, all of which makes it seem like perhaps he could be open to a vaccine if conditions were amicable to him. Instead, Irving doubles down on his long-held stance, which prevented the star from playing basketball for eight months.

Earlier this month, Irving said he was “praying that things get figured out and we’re able to come to some collective agreement, whether it be with the league or just things that’s going on.” While he adamantly refuses to get the vaccine, it seems that he is hoping that his city and organization will change their minds the way that Irving has been asked to change his.

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