MLB Twitter, Giants fans are furious Barry Bonds still isn’t a Hall of Famer

Former San Francisco Giants left fielder Barry Bonds. (Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports)
Former San Francisco Giants left fielder Barry Bonds. (Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports) /

The writers responsible for voting on the Baseball Hall of Fame decided not to put Barry Bonds in again and MLB Twitter is fuming about it.

This was Barry Bond’s final chance to make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame via ballots cast by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

They said no, again.

Bonds and other players linked to the steroid era were snubbed by the writers, who did decide to induct Red Sox great Davis Ortiz, despite his own past with PEDs.

To say that Twitter fuming over the voting would be an understatement.

Barry Bonds Hall of Fame snub had MLB Twitter up in arms

For some, the focus was solely on Bonds and his impact of the game, regardless of his alleged use of PEDs.

For others, the comparison between Bonds and Ortiz frustrates. Bonds’ career was far more heralded than Ortiz’s was. And it’s not like the Red Sox player wasn’t free of suspicion over steroids. He actually failed a drug test but was given a pass by the baseball writers over it.

The writers live in their own world sometimes. That much is clear.

The question the Hall of Fame needs to ponder is what it exists for. Is it meant to tell the story of baseball, warts and all? Or does it exist to present a white-washed version of the game based on arbitrary selection criteria? The vote pretty much answers that question.

Bonds finished his career with seven MVP awards, eight Gold Gloves and 12 Silver Sluggers. In the history of baseball, he ranks first in home runs, fourth in WAR, sixth in RBIs, seventh in OBP, eighth in slugging percentage, 10th in games and plate appearances.

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