Are the Vikings quietly in the running to land Deshaun Watson?

The Minnesota Vikings are the biggest sleeper in the sweepstakes to land Texans QB Deshaun Watson, according to one NFL insider.

The Vikings are working on hiring a general manager at which point they can hire a head coach, so their No. 1 priority right now clearly isn’t bringing in a new quarterback.

Still, once all the pieces are in place, the idea of finding a new franchise QB could be particularly attractive to GM looking to make a splash. Especially if that person was a talent like Deshaun Watson.

Jordan Schultz gave Minnesota fans reason to hoe with a report about Watson’s potential interest in joining the Vikings.

DeShaun Watson reportedly would waive his no-trade clause for the Vikings

Watson would consider waiving his no-trade clause to come to Minnesota, according to Schultz’s sources.

The attraction could stem from the existing offense which boasts several desirable pieces for a quarterback. They have an established offensive line, a Pro Bowl running back in Dalvin Cook and a young stud at wide receiver in Justin Jefferson.

There would be mutual interest from the Vikings. Schultz reported that figures inside the organization don’t believe Kirk Cousins is a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback. Even though he has a year left on his deal, they could look to move on.

Watson’s situation remains complicated. He has yet to resolve the lawsuits against him alleging sexual misconduct. Those allegations could be enough to keep teams like Minnesota from going all-in on a trade with the Texans considering the high asking price for the quarterback.

Until a GM and head coach are in the bag, this one will remain in the realm of speculation.