Manningcast is here to stay and will branch to UFC, other sports

ESPN has reportedly decided to continue on with the work of art that is the Manningcast and it’ll be using the concept with other sports.

It looks like ESPN has deemed the Manningcast to be a success. If you enjoyed watching some fun football commentary, you’re in luck because it appears as if the Manningcast will continue to exist moving forward.

According to a tweet from Alex Weprin, ESPN is looking at keeping the Manningcast alive AND using the concept with other sports broadcasts in the future.

While the whole “alternative broadcasts” concept isn’t something necessarily new for some sports fans (ESPN has been experimenting around with a variety of broadcasts with college sports for a few years now), it’s fascinating to see ESPN commit to this idea.

ESPN to continue Manningcast, expand concept to other sports

Without having all of the details on how this will unfold and work, it seems like this is incredibly good news for anyone who enjoys sports. On the surface, it appears as if ESPN is putting its resources into providing products that its audience will actually enjoy.

ESPN’s Manningcast has consistently been magnificent content. Just flat out one of the best possible ways to enjoy watching football. Assuming ESPN does it right with the other sports it plans on using this concept with, this could be a huge win for both the self-proclaimed World Wide Leader in Sports and everyone who wants to enjoy viewing their favorite game.

Hopefully, ESPN will find a way to properly utilize all of their networks and streaming opportunities as they attempt to expand this sort of content out to other sports. It remains to be seen if they can pull this off, but it’s exciting to see the folks over at ESPN try this.