Anthony Rizzo feeds Cubs rumor mill in BP session with former teammate

Chicago Cubs fans are clamoring for an Anthony Rizzo reunion, and the veteran first baseman just played into those rumors in a BP session.

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Rizzo and former Cubs teammate Ian Happ were seen taking a batting practice session together. Does this mean Rizzo is coming back to Chicago?

Of course no. While Rizzo has been connected to the Cubs on a short-term deal, that was months ago. The league and MLBPA have been stuck in a lockout ever since, and Rizzo is expected to be a hot commodity once Freddie Freeman signs and/or Matt Olson is traded. He’s essentially the second-best first baseman on the market.

MLB insider Bruce Levin hinted that a Rizzo reunion in Chicago was possible just a few weeks ago. Rizzo was seen in Chicago several times this Winter, primarily to clean out his apartment (sad) and have dinner with some old friends and teammates.

Cubs rumors: Will Chicago bring back Anthony Rizzo?

Frank Schwindel proved himself capable at first base in limited reps last season, while Rizzo slashed 248/.344/.440 overall with 22 home runs and 61 RBI in his 576 plate appearances all year long. Those numbers aren’t inspiring, and suggest the Cubs could get better production for less.

While a reunion would be great for a fanbase that hated losing members of its 2016 World Series core, the time to move on to a younger group is now. Schwindel, despite being 29 years old, could be part of that as he’d offer the Cubs more long-term salary relief.

Unless Rizzo were to come down to the Cubs price point, which sounds unlikely given the interest in him before the MLB lockout, then Chicago would be better off looking elsewhere.

You’ll always have the memories, Chicago.