Deshaun Watson rumors: Guessing what the Seahawks will offer

If Deshaun Watson is cleared in his ongoing legal process, the Seattle Seahawks could be the first team to call the Houston Texans.

The Seahawks are expected to be interested in Watson, especially after flipping Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos for a package of two first-round picks, two second-round picks and a fifth rounder. That came with three players, as well.

Watson remains a Houston Texan due to his ongoing legal process, and allegations of sexual assault. Those should not be taken lightly. The Clemson product gives his first deposition on Friday, which could lead to a resolution in the dozens of cases against him in time. It’s a step towards an end, at the very least.

Watson hasn’t played in a year, but he remains a franchise-caliber quarterback and a young one at that. One look at the trade package the Seahawks got back for Wilson tells us what the Texans would expect for Watson, and it’s a lot.

Seahawks trade offer for Deshaun Watson

If Watson’s legal process drags at all, the Texans price tag could go down a bit. For now, though, let’s assume it doesn’t.

Seahawks Get
QB, Deshaun Watson
Texans Get
2021 first-round pick (from Broncos)
2022 first-round pick (from Broncos)
2023 first-round pick
2 second-round picks

Per those with knowledge of the situation, this is what the Texans have been consistently demanding for Watson. By adding selections to their draft cabinet, the Seahawks wouldn’t forfeit their entire war chest by trading for Watson.

Texans GM Nick Caserio is willing to be patient, especially because he knows if Watson is cleared, Houston can receive at least five high draft picks in return.

“I would say that situation, we’ve talked about this with our group, we’re day to day in terms of handling that,” Caserio said. “Once the information becomes more relevant or prevalent, then we’ll handle it accordingly. My philosophy from the beginning has always been to do the right thing by the Houston Texans organization, and we’re going to continue to do that here moving forward.”

If Watson isn’t cleared, then that becomes more difficult. Perhaps the package would be docked a first-round pick, or the second rounders are out of play.

But the above trade package is in consideration with what Houston has been demanding all along. If Watson is cleared — which is a massive if — that’s what he’ll cost in picks.