MLB Lockout Ends: Baseball fans and media react to merciful end of meaningless lockout

MLB fans. (Syndication: The Enquirer)
MLB fans. (Syndication: The Enquirer) /

The MLB lockout ending had baseball fans and media celebrating on Twitter while also digging at the league for the unnecessary delay of the 2022 season.

Baseball’s long and frustrating lockout is mercifully over. It only took months longer than it needed to and cost fans and players an on-time Opening Day.

Despite all that, the important thing is that baseball is back. The days at the ballpark, the hot dogs and home runs, the bat flips and beers, they’re all on the way.

What did MLB Twitter have to say about the news? A lot.

Baseball fans and media react to end of meaningless MLB lockout

Reactions on Twitter were a mix of celebration and chastizement.

The MLB lockout began on Dec. 2 after a flurry of activity in the free agent market.

Meaningful negotiations didn’t begin until late January as the league set a deadline of Feb. 28 before games would be canceled. They briefly extended that deadline to Mar. 1 but the first two series of the 2022 season were canceled when a deal still wasn’t reached. Disputes over the luxury tax and more continued to be waged.

Now that the lockout is officially over. That means fans need to digest new rules. Free agents will have to make their decisions on where they want to play this coming season and beyond.

It should be a busy stretch but it’s a whole lot better to be flooded with baseball happenings than to have the lockout continue out any longer. Play ball.