Deshaun Watson rumors: Saints take clear step ahead of Falcons

With the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons both chasing after Texans QB Deshaun Watson, the team from the Bayou has an edge.

The Falcons current quarterback, Matt Ryan, doesn’t seem as inclined to leave as Atlanta is to replace him with Watson. Ryan has been a mainstay in Atlanta for over a decade. Treating him this way may not be right, but it’s part of the business.

Meanwhile, because the Falcons are willing to throw his baggage aside, Watson is a younger and more talented replacement.

The Saints are a step ahead, having already cleared a significant chunk of cap space in case Watson should choose New Orleans as his preferred destination.

The Saints cap gymnastics over the past few days have put them in the pole position to acquire Watson, and also showed Deshaun’s camp how quickly the New Orleans front office can get things done when devoted to a single cause — winning.

Saints rumors: Deshaun Watson remains a top priority

Whether you agree with the Saints’ decision-making on Watson or not, it cannot be denied that they are willing to go to whatever lengths to acquire him now that the Clemson product’s criminal case is behind him. Watson still faces over 20 civil suits related to sexual assault allegations.

Adam Schefter explained why the Saints have an edge over the Falcons for Watson at this time.

Until Ryan’s contract is restructured — or until he agrees to do so to facilitate a trade — any Watson trade to the ATL can be put on ice. Ryan’s contract takes up a large portion of the Falcons’ cap space, so it impacts Atlanta’s chances of trading for Watson, and their ability to deal Ryan to a contender after landing Watson.

The Saints don’t have that problem.