2022 Red Bull Magnitude contest winners announced

Christa Funk / Red Bull Content Pool
Christa Funk / Red Bull Content Pool /

After three months of competition, the winners of the Red Bull Magnitude contest have been announced. 

For the last three months, Hawaii has been the home field for the Red Bull Magnitude contest. The ladies participating in the competition have been pulling out all the stops to try and catch the biggest waves they can and take home the grand prize. The competition window has come to an end and the winners have now been announced. The big winner of the event is  Skylar Lickle, who is the Overall Performer Award and will be taking him the $35,000 prize.

Over the last three months, over twenty women took part in the online formatted competition on some of the biggest wave breaks in Hawaii. Each competitor was to submit their three biggest waves and the 21-year-old Lickle came out on top. The winners were chosen by the three all-star judges of Betty DePolito, Rochelle Ballard, and Kai Lenny.

Who were the biggest winners at the Red Bull Magnitude contest?

Along with the Overall Performer Award, there were also a few other winners for the event. Paige Alms took home the Yeti Best Ride Award and Best Paddle Award which were given to the single highest scoring wave and the single best wave paddled into by a surfer.

Annie Reickert won the Best Tow Award. That was the award given to the best rider that was towed into the wave by jet ski or boat. Katie McConnell was awarded the Skinnies’ Rookie of the Year Award.

Michaela Fregonese and Katie McConnell also had impressive rides and came in second and third place in the event.

In addition to all the performance awards, there was a People’s Choice award that was given out. The fans of the competition all voted on whose ride was best in their eyes. The winner of that coveted award and non-cahs prizes like a one-of-a-kind surfboard shaped by a local surfer was Annie Reickert. 

All the surfers and their winning rides can be seen on Red Bull Surfing. 

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