Tigers: Umps give Spencer Torkelson the rookie treatment

Fair or not, MLB umpires have treated Spencer Torkelson like a rookie so far this season. The Tigers prospect will have to earn his strike zone.

Torkelson is one of the top prospects in all of baseball, and was expected to be a Rookie of the Year candidate this season. This is especially true give he started the year in the big leagues.

However, the Tigers may not want to pass the first base mantle to him just yet, and it’s not necessarily Tork’s fault.

In Detroit’s eventual 10-1 loss to the Chicago White Sox, Tork was victimized by the type of strike calls that can only be made against a rookie? Why, you ask?

Because rookies can’t talk back, or else they get a quick hook.

Tigers: Spencer Torkelson’s strike zone was tough

Torkelson is known for his eye at the plate, so he’s not about to swing at too many pitches outside the zone. But when the calls are going against him, he really doesn’t have any choice.

Three games into the Tigers season, and the rookie is still looking for his first hit in the big leagues. He has drawn a couple of walks, but AJ Hinch knew this would be an adjustment for him.

Hopefully, Torkelson will get some calls, and perhaps have better luck against the Red Sox to start the week.