Brandun Lee with spartan attitude before Zachary Ochoa fight

CARSON, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 11: Brandun Lee celebrates his win over Juan Heraldez by way of knockout at Dignity Health Sports Park on December 11, 2021 in Carson, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
CARSON, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 11: Brandun Lee celebrates his win over Juan Heraldez by way of knockout at Dignity Health Sports Park on December 11, 2021 in Carson, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Brandun Lee has an atypical mindset for a fighter. In a world of attention seekers, Lee’s a quiet, disciplined boxer who lets his fists do the talking.

Many fighters try to do their best to get attention through sensational comments and actions or social media, but Brandun Lee is built differently.

Lee (24-0, 22 KOs) is an undefeated boxer with an eye-catching 91 percent knockout rating. He’s one of the more entertaining fighters you will see, but his personality is the antithesis of the status quo.

Muhammad Ali set the bar for pre-fight antics and words. His schtick worked like a charm and made him the most charismatic icon in boxing history.

Ali could also fight. His fleet feet and unconventional style were original and befuddling.

Ali backed up his poetically sardonic words with world-class boxing.

Many have tried to emulate Ali’s model, but everyone has fallen short in wit and skill, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying.

Tyson took things in a different direction in the 90s. He convincingly played the role of a madman to intimidate opponents and sell tickets.

His approach worked in some ways but also fell flat when his facade was knocked out along with him in defeat to the likes of Lennox Lewis. Still, others have leeched onto Tyson’s script, but they’ve also fallen.

In a viral social media world, many go for a thunderbolt of attention without a thought of the future. It has worked for Jake Paul, but most others in boxing end up embarrassed after they’ve failed to back up their talk.

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That’s where Lee differs from the rest. The 22-year-old super lightweight from La Quinta, CA, is a man of few words who lets his performance in the ring do the talking.

“Discipline is a huge factor,” Lee explained to FanSided. “And being a great fighter. You know, Adrien Broner had a lot of talent. He could have easily been the next big superstar. Unortunately, you know, he didn’t have the discipline and the motivation to stay in the gym.”

Adrien Broner–a four-division world champion whose success dwindled due to a chaotic personal and professional life. He’s the perfect example of a disciple of Tyson’s career path.

He’s also Lee’s standard of what not to do.

Lee’s career was founded on discipline. His father, Bobby, instilled an uncanny work ethic from an early age, and it’s a permanent part of Lee’s DNA.

Lee defeated Juan Heraldez in December by round 7 knockout, but he was not satisfied with his performance. Most would have lauded their handy work, but Lee sees imperfections instead of just the exceptional finish.

“I probably would give myself a C, C+ for the whole fight,” Lee said. “My dad probably would have gave me like a, you know, a D maybe. Those little mistakes we made, we corrected them in the gym, and you guys will see April 16th.”

Lee is hard on himself. His father, who is also his trainer, is even harder.

Maybe that’s what has assisted in Lee’s journey toward the top. He was fortunate to have a constant guide on what and what not to do.

Lee’s father introduced him to focused discipline from an early age and has been a pervading presence in his life. Bobby instructed Lee in the gym and life.

To his credit, Lee listened and diligently followed his father’s instructions. Lee internalized those lessons well, which is why he might be the most feared meteor in the super lightweight division.

Lee takes the big stage at AT&T Stadium against Zachary Ochoa on the April 16 undercard of the Errol Spence Jr. vs. Yordenis Ugás Showtime pay-per-view event. It’s a massive opportunity for Lee on the biggest stage of his career, but it’s just another fight for Lee.

“I’m looking at this as another fight,” Lee said.

A simple answer from an exceptional fighter.

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