ESPN audio problems: Best memes and tweets during Timberwolves vs Grizzlies

Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images
Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images /

ESPN had some audio issues during Game 1 of the Minnesota Timberwolves vs Memphis Grizzlies series, and NBA Twitter had enough.

With all due respect to the Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks series, there was no Luka Doncic for Game 1, so more fans were excited to watch how the Timberwolves would fare against Ja Morant and Memphis.

However, in the middle of the first half, fans were dealt an unexpected hand as the Worldwide Leader had some audio issues. While it has since been fixed in most parts of the country, NBA Twitter was annoyed to say the least.

And needless to say, basketball fans will look for every reason to complain about ESPN’s coverage.

ESPN audio problems

ESPN went to commercial with audio issues, came back from said ads, and still had those very same problems. NBA fans truly couldn’t believe the incompetence.

Poor Stephen A. Smith was left on an island. Sure, the production truck was there to help, but SAS is known more for his takes, not his commentating.


True. Very few fans know how much work goes into a live production, especially in the playoffs. It has to be madness in the truck right now.

No wonder so many NBA fans were searching for the Timberwolves radio network. Thanks, ESPN audio problems.

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