How Trevor Bauer could fight Dodgers’ leave of absence

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer vs. the Giants. (Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports)
Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer vs. the Giants. (Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports) /

Trevor Bauer is still on a leave of absence. Will the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher end up trying to find a way to get back on the field?

As Trevor Bauer still continues to be kept out of Los Angeles Dodgers‘ games by way of a leave of absence, one report seems to indicate the he might be looking into an avenue of fighting the leave of absence.

Friday, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times reported that Bauer was looking into whether or not the agreement for his leave of absence was a “binding agreement.”

With Bauer’s leave of absence previously being set to go through Saturday, it seemed like there might have been some sort of chance that Bauer would be interested in trying to show up on Sunday.

In Shaikin’s report, he notes that a source (who was not given the green light to comment publicly on the matter) informed him that an agreement had been established by the commissioner’s office and players’ union. That agreement would extend Bauer’s leave once more, this time through April 22.

While MLB believes the agreement is binding, it appears as if Bauer is looking into whether or not that is actually the case, according to Shaikin.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Will Trevor Bauer fight his leave of absence?

On Sunday, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts took a moment to address the situation a bit and discuss whether or not the whole deal was a distraction for the Dodgers. According to a tweet from Jack Harris, who contributed to the aforementioned Los Angeles Times’ report, Roberts was not aware if Bauer even tried to show up for the Dodgers’ game.

As Harris noted, Roberts also said the situation was not distracting the Dodgers nor was it frustrating. According to Harris, Roberts said he is not aware of when the situation could have a resolution.

So, it’s not clear if Bauer is going to show up or prior to the leave of absence expiring. As noted, he did not show up for the Dodgers on Sunday.

However, if Bauer and his team believe this agreement for his leave of absence is not actually binding, then his situation and eligibility will be something worth paying attention to.

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