4 offseason moves the St. Louis Cardinals already regret

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Carlos Rodon

It’s not clear that Rodon was ever a target for the Cardinals. But he was available and should have been considered by the team when needed starting pitching help.

Rodon signed with the San Francisco Giants for a two-year deal worth $44 million. He can opt out after this season. A pretty Rodon-friendly deal.

After three starts, he is 2-0 with 17 innings pitched. He’s given up two runs, and six walks and has struck out 29 batters. He’s got a 44.6 percent K-rate, a 9.2% BB rate, and a 34.3% CSW rate.

He is a 31% ground ball pitcher. That’s a trait the Cardinals typically love. It’s just perplexing that he was never a target of the Cardinals. If Rodon somehow becomes available by trade or opts out after this season, it would be interesting to see the Cardinals target him.