Texas A&M pitcher casually catches screaming line drive coming at his face vs. Arkansas [Video]

Aggies cheer during the game at Disch-Falk Field on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.Texas Baseball V Tx Am Mlc 1144
Aggies cheer during the game at Disch-Falk Field on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.Texas Baseball V Tx Am Mlc 1144 /

As the Texas A&M baseball team hosts the Arkansas Razorbacks, Nathan Dettmer is showing off some impressive line drive-snagging skills.

The Texas A&M baseball team has managed to put up a pretty good fight against the Arkansas Razorbacks. Nathan Dettmer’s incredible catch is part of that impressive effort.

In the top of the fourth inning, Dettmer made this catch that almost certainly saved him from some bruised ribs and a lot of pain.


That’s one heck of a catch right there. Just incredible.

Dettmer should probably be glad he caught that for a number of different reasons, arguably the most important of which is that he didn’t somehow get hit with that screaming line drive that was seemingly aiming right at him.

Texas A&M baseball: Nathan Dettmer shows off incredible reflexes vs. Arkansas Razorbacks

And of course, Aggies on Twitter were thrilled with the play, which is totally reasonable. Stuff like this doesn’t happen everyday and it’s definitely something worth celebrating.

And yeah, if he doesn’t make that catch, his ribs would definitely be unhappy.


There’s no way getting pelted with that sort of line drive would feel good for anyone.

And this sort of magical nonsense is all happening as the Aggies are finding a way to give Arkansas one heck of a fight. While the Razorbacks are one of the best teams in college baseball this year, Texas A&M is tough to beat right now. Jim Schlossnagle has this team moving in the right direction and they’re proving to be a challenging foe.

The Aggies currently lead 2-1 in the bottom of the sixth inning. There’s still plenty of time left and a lot of things can change in a hurry, but that’s a pretty solid position for the Aggies to be in.

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