Watch Klay Thompson ruin an epic trick shot from Steph Curry

Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)
Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /

Klay Thompson felt like destroying something beautiful by messing up his Golden State Warriors teammate Steph Curry’s trick shot attempt.

There are no trick shots going in on Klay Thompson’s watch, as he totally ruined Golden State Warriors teammate Steph Curry’s almost attempt.

While the boys were messing around in the lead-up to Game 1 of their Western Conference Semifinals at the Memphis Grizzlies, Curry nearly pulled off a travel/Eupostep layup bonanza. Going as slow as molasses, Curry tossed the rock up to the sky, hoping it would bring him something delicious like manna from the heavens. It would have gone in … if not for Thompson.

Ruiners are just a part of life, and Thompson felt like trolling everyone chilling at The Grindhouse.

Watch Klay Thompson absolutely desecrate Steph Curry’s trick shot attempt

The Warriors took Game 1 on the road in dramatic fashion. Their narrow victory over Memphis probably gives them a decided advantage to advance to the Western Conference Finals. Memphis is a strong team, but this is one of those Game 1 losses that will be so hard to overcome. Not to say it will be their equivalent of the Orlando Magic’s in the 1995 NBA Finals, but that was rough.

Even if Thompson destroyed Curry’s valiant attempt at a magnificent trick shot, it sure beats the alternative, as in the future basketball hall of famer riding pine because he is unable to play. Thompson may not be the player he once was, but his basketball savvy will pay out in dividends the longer Golden State stays alive in this postseason. Maybe this core can win its fourth ring?

Ultimately, Golden State is in a group of about four or five teams who can realistically win the NBA Finals. While a rematch in of last year’s bout between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns feels like the most viable outcome, do not be shocked if Golden State catches fire and douses out the Suns’ flame in the following round, assuming Phoenix can get past Luka Doncic and company.

For the rest of time, Warriors players will debate if Curry’s ill-fated trick shot was going in or not.

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