Darius Miles, Quentin Richardson celebrating Knuckleheads’ 100th episode with NFT launch, Twitter Spaces

Longtime NBA teammates and friends Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson are reaching a milestone with the Knuckleheads podcast and celebrating.

Whenever Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson both joined the Los Angeles Clippers as first-round picks in the 2000 NBA Draft, you have to imagine that they’d never believe that they’d end up where they are in the year 2022.

Where these two former teammates and friends are is getting set for the 100th episode of the Knuckleheads podcast as part of The Players Tribune.

That’s a massive milestone for any podcast, but Miles and Richardson are taking it to another level in order to celebrate hitting that mark.

Knuckleheads podcast celebrating 100 episodes with NFT release and Twitter Spaces

For starters, on Thursday, May 5, Miles and Richardson will be hosting a Twitter Spaces in which they will be talking about their journey to this mark on the podcast in addition to answering other questions as well.

What’s cooler, though, is that the 100th episode of Knuckleheads also means the launch an NFT with a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP), an environmentally friendly and free entry into the market.

Miles and Richardson have had all kinds of guests as they’ve built their unique brand — one that hinges on their relationship as friends and teammates and treating guests in that matter as well — but this 100th episode is going to be a big deal that fans should want to be a part of.