NBA Twitter reacts to Al Horford leading Celtics to win over Bucks

The Boston Celtics needed someone to step up and perform at a high level, so that’s exactly what Al Horford did in Game 4 against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Al Horford certainly had himself a dominant performance for the Boston Celtics Monday evening. The Celtics were in need of a solid performance from someone and as it turns out, Horford was able to deliver one of the most notable performances of his career.

In Game 4 against the Milwaukee Bucks, Horford scored 30 points and grabbed eight rebounds. That’s difficult to do in just about any NBA game, but it’s definitely not an easy thing to do when having to deal with a talent like Giannis Antetokounmpo being on the court at the same time.

But Horford apparently wasn’t all that concerned about Antetokounmpo’s presence being on the court. It seems like all Horford cared about was getting a bit of revenge and having a pretty impressive dunk recorded.

And as with anything that happens at any point ever, some media members shared their thoughts on Horford’s remarkable performance against the Bucks.

Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith react to Al Horford’s dunk vs. Milwaukee Bucks

The two sports media titans were just like every NBA fan after that jam.

Anna Horford, Al Horford’s sister, reacts to Milwaukee Bucks’ apparent mistake

And as it turns out, Anna Horford, Al’s sister, had some thoughts on a moment where it was apparently clear that Milwaukee had messed up and made a pretty significant mistake.

Yeah, it seems likely that she would definitely be familiar with Al being upset.

NBA media reacts to Al Horford’s dominance against Milwaukee Bucks

Noted unbiased NBA commentator Bill Simmons (who is definitely, absolutely not in love with the Celtics at all and definitely would never have any bias in any of his analysis that he would share) was among those who weighed in.

Of course, Simmons wasn’t alone here. Some other prominent voices had some things to say.

Yeah, it seems like this group of guys will have a few things to talk about on their various platforms.