Brian Cashman fires back at Astros owner Jim Crane for sign stealing

Brian Cashman didn’t hold back his shots at Astros’ owner Jim Crane.

There’s yet another wrinkle in this ongoing Yankees-Astros sign-stealing accusations saga.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman is on the offensive once again in his plight to take down the Astros, who did in fact cheat their way to a 2017 World Series title. Astros owner Jim Crane had some remarks for Cashman earlier this week on the subject, and it didn’t take long for the latter to fight back.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman trading more blows with the Astros’ Jim Crane

Amidst all the shots being fired back and forth, one fact is without doubt: both organizations are guilty of cheating at some point in the last decade. The Yankees were fined $100,000 for their improper use of a video room in 2015 and 2016. That’s in comparison to the elaborate scheme executed by the Astros during their 2017 title run, involving cameras in the outfield and trash can banging.

But cheating is cheating, right? Not according to this tone taken by Cashman, who likens his team’s cheating to a “parking ticket” and the Astros’ to “162 felonies”.

I can’t say that assessment is completely off the mark, though. Houston’s scandal was far more intricate and on a larger scale than that of the Yankees, even resulting in winning a championship. If anything, even the alleged Red Sox cheating in 2018 was more serious than anything the Yankees did, since the former also won a title that year.

It’s not as if Jim Crane will back down from accusations, however, and this latest round of shots fired by Brian Cashman won’t change things. The Astros owner will surely remain steadfast in his defense of the organization, as will Brian Cashman in his defense of the New York Yankees. Thus, this very public saga carries on…