Watch: Mets, Cardinals benches warned after Mark Canha HBP

The New York Mets have way too much experience with getting hit by pitches this season and unfortunately it has happened again.

Mark Canha and his ribs aren’t feeling all that great right now.

Generally, it’s never fun to get hit by anything. It’s never any fun to get hit in the ribs. It’s definitely no fun to get hit by a baseball that’s going just shy of 100 miles per hour. So, combine all of that and you’ve got what happened to Mark Canha in the bottom of the third inning of the New York Mets’ game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

And of course, given the Mets’ unfortunate luck with getting hit by pitches this season, it makes sense that some warnings were handed out after the incident happened in hopes of preventing any further escalation or retaliation.

Check out the whole ordeal here:

Yeah, that sure doesn’t seem fun in the slightest. No reasonable individual would blame Canha for being furious with the Cardinals after that moment. There’s no way that felt good.

Ump warns New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals benches after Mark Canha is hit by pitch

And of course, Mets fans aren’t happy about all of this either! This has been happening a lot this season and there’s no reason for anyone associated with the Mets or anyone who has rooting interest here to be happy with this situation.

Given the relatively recent history of the Mets and the Cardinals being exceptionally unhappy with each other, it sure feels like this game might be a little tense as it continues on. The Mets have plenty of reasons to be mad about getting hit by pitches. Hopefully this trend stops sooner rather than later.