Watch: Avalanche avoid disaster as Stanley Cup takes a tumble

The Colorado Avalanche avoided disaster, with the literal Stanley Cup falling to the ice just before a team photo. Thankfully, Lord Stanley was fine.

The Cup has endured far more, and will surely be dealt more nightmares this offseason when spending time with each member of the Avalanche individually. It is a yearly occurrence, as each member of the team gets to host Lord Stanley for at least a day.

While they were pushed by the Tampa Bay Lightning, the best team in hockey eventually won in six games, on the road. Colorado was consistently the best team from top to bottom in the NHL during the regular season. The postseason proved to be a true test, but Tampa could not win their third straight Stanley Cup, and instead gave way to a new champion.

The Stanley Cup pile-up and celebration was as great as one would imagine. The team photo, however, has a near-disaster.

Colorado Avalanche begin summer-long Stanley Cup celebration

Nathan MacKinnon, for one, already has plans for the Cup — and they include Sidney Crosby. The Penguins star is a three-time champion himself, as well as an Olympic Gold Medalist. He and MacKinnon are good friends.

For the first time, it is Crosby who will have to attend MacKinnon’s Stanley Cup party.

MacKinnon surprisingly gave Crosby some credit for his success in Game 6, stating that the hotel room in Tampa had 87 in it.

“Yesterday my room number was 1787, so we just felt like it was fate. We both love Sid, so we just knew we were going to win when I got that room number,” MacKinnon said.

And just for that, Sid the Kid has no choice but to drink out of the cup on perhaps more than one occasion this summer.