Aaron Rodgers roasts Davante Adams for comment about Derek Carr

Aaron Rodgers, Packers (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images for The Match)
Aaron Rodgers, Packers (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images for The Match) /

Green Bay Packers legend Aaron Rodgers wasted no time in roasting Davante Adams for his comparison to Derek Carr by making his own Hall of Fame claims.

As soon as Aaron Rodgers set foot into camp, he ensured that NFL headlines would revolve around him and his heroic Con Air aura.

The back-to-back NFL MVP did not disappoint, firing a precise shot back at former Packers wide receiver Davante Adams.

“I mean it’s always tough going from Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer,” Rodgers said of transitioning from Adams to Allen Lazard. “From Davante to Allen, it’s gonna be a transition, but he’s capable of a lot.”

Aaron Rodgers takes petty to a new level with hilarious Davante Adams-Derek Carr jab

For context, Adams said that both Carr and Rodgers were future Hall of Fame quarterbacks when asked about transitioning between the two.

“Any time you change quarterbacks from a Hall of Famer to a Hall of Famer, Stabler to Rich Gannon or whoever you go to, it’ll definitely be a little bit of an adjustment,” Adams said.

Adams has spent the offseason talking up the talents of Derek Carr who, in Adams’ defense, is still considered underrated in regards to his capabilities. When Jeremy Fowler ranked the Top 10 quarterbacks in the league, Carr’s name was conspicuously absent. Tyreek Hill intended to do the same thing when saying that Tua Tagovailoa was more “accurate” than Mahomes, but as in Rodgers’ case, talking up his new quarterback inflamed fans of his old fanbase.

For Packers fans reveling in highlights of the heralded Rodgers-Adams connection — one that helped Rodgers secure those two consecutive MVPs — it’s easy to bristle at the comparison.

But Adams did expound on his statement, clarifying what he meant just a few days later.

“I was waiting for this. Oh, God, I was waiting for this,” Adams said when asked about his previous comments.

"“What I meant to say was even if you go Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer, it’s an adjustment. Even if it is Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer, there’s going to be an adjustment. I wasn’t saying Hall of Famer Aaron to Hall of Famer Derek. So I’m not retracting my statement at all. I didn’t deliver that message the way I had it in my head. I did not mean to say exactly that.”"

Rodgers, who is renowned for his pettiness when it comes to controlling media narratives, made sure he sent the message to Adams that he too could make Hall of Fame predictions.

Hilarious as this is, Rodgers’ jab at Adams does come at the expense of an innocent bystander: Allen Lazard. All jokes aside, perhaps Lazard can truly step up and have a breakout season in light of Adams’ absence.

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