Yankees fans won’t be happy with the latest Brian Cashman rumors

The New York Yankees have several flaws this season with Brian Cashman at the root of them, and he may be coming back for more.

The New York Yankees have had several flaws in the roster, thanks to general manager Brian Cashman. With a few disappointments this season, Cashman is coming back for at least one more season, according to Barry Bloom of Sportico.

Cashman is MLB’s longest-running GM. However, the Yankees haven’t had the best success over the years. New York used to frequently make appearances at the World Series, and now they haven’t since 2009.

Though they’re at the top of the AL East standings, they’re struggling this month and sliding backward.

The New York Yankees are facing a lot of trouble in the final stretch

The Yankees have only won one series this month and lost a series against their biggest rival, the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have been at the bottom of the division standings for quite a while this season and are the only team in the division below .500, so the loss was concerning.

They do, however, seem to be on good track. According to FanGraphs, they still have a 100 percent chance of making the playoffs, a 92.1 percent chance of winning the division and an 8.9 percent chance of winning the World Series.

Despite the high chances of success, there’s still a lot of work for New York to do, especially if Cashman is coming back for another season. The team is one of the wealthiest in MLB, and they need to invest in a lot of development to be sustainable and reliable.