Donovan Mitchell just made an update to Twitter bio that could signal a trade is coming

Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz (Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images)
Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz (Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images) /

Donovan Mitchell made an update to his bio on Twitter that has members of the social media app reeling about what could come next.

The NBA trade market has been incredibly slow-moving for a vast majority of this offseason, and news on the available stars has trickled out for weeks. Donovan Mitchell is the best star available after Kevin Durant publicly renewed his vows with the Brooklyn Nets.

The Utah Jazz have engaged in trade discussions with a group of teams including the Cavaliers, who dropped out quickly, and the New York Knicks. There have been multiple volumes of discussions with the Knicks, and the Jazz have asked for quite a bit.

Mitchell has reportedly not requested a trade formally, but his latest actions on Twitter suggest a trade might be coming.

Donovan Mitchell changed his Twitter bio, removing any mention of the Utah Jazz

Social media has become a place to scour for early hints on what to expect in regards to player news and movement. While it seems silly to take anything away from what a player “likes” or what they represent in their bio, these signals have proven to be accurate more often than not.

And today, Donovan Mitchell removed any mention of the Utah Jazz from his bio.

Of course, Twitter went into a frenzy.

Does it mean anything? Possibly, but we should note that he also removed mention of Louisville, which also previously appeared in his bio. He might just be going for a more minimalistic aesthetic on his page, perhaps?

The timeline is interesting, though, considering that the Knicks more or less pulled themselves out of the discussion last night when they extended RJ Barrett’s contract.

All of a sudden, the Miami Heat look like the most logical destination.

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