NFL power rankings, Week 2: Eagles soar, Cowboys sink

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry (24) scores a touchdown after intercepting the pass from Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff during the first half at Ford Field, Sept. 11, 2022Nfl Philadelphia Eagles At Detroit Lions
Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry (24) scores a touchdown after intercepting the pass from Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff during the first half at Ford Field, Sept. 11, 2022Nfl Philadelphia Eagles At Detroit Lions /

In our Week 2 NFL power rankings, the Dallas Cowboys tumble after injuries and an ugly loss, while the Philadelphia Eagles move up the board.

Atlanta Falcons. 32. team. 44. . 0-1. Previous:

The Falcons are consistent, if nothing else. What a choke job.

. 0-1. Previous: . New York Jets. 31. team. 30

The Jets came out and looked like the Jets. Unable to score, middling on defense.

10. . 0-0-1. Previous: . Houston Texans. 30. team

Houston had a win slip away, but somehow lucked out in overtime and got the tie.

1-0. Previous: . Seattle Seahawks. 29. team. 36.

The Seahawks got some breaks, but what a great win to start the season.

28. team. 57. . 1-0. Previous: . Chicago Bears

A nice win for the Bears, who are probably still drying off. Now, it’s off to Lambeau on SNF.

27. team. 87. . 0-1. Previous: . Carolina Panthers

Carolina couldn’t beat Jacoby Brissett and the Browns at home. Not a good omen for the rest of the year.

team. 47. . 0-1. Previous: . New England Patriots. 26

Where is the talent on this roster? Where is the coaching we’ve seen for so many years in New England?

52. . 0-1. Previous: . Jacksonville Jaguars. 25. team

The Jaguars seemingly had the Commanders beat, and then fell apart in the fourth quarter for a disappointing start.

24. team. 50. . 0-1. Previous: . Detroit Lions

The Lions hung around and scored 35 points against the Eagles. It’s not the desired result, but it’s progress.

team. 123. . 0-1. Previous: . Dallas Cowboys. 23

Without Dak Prescott, the Cowboys are essentially finished before the season began.

31. . 1-0. Previous: . New York Giants. 22. team

What a win for the Giants. Emotional, come-from-behind, all of it. Really well done on the road.

21. team. 32. . 0-1. Previous: . Arizona Cardinals

Nobody got pummeled worse than the Cardinals, who fell behind early and never threatened.

Washington Commanders. 20. team. 58. . 1-0. Previous:

Washington showed resolve in the season opener, giving hope it can compete in the NFC East.

19. team. 53. . 1-0. Previous: . Cleveland Browns

The Browns aren’t going far with Jacoby Brissett, but Sunday was a fun win nonetheless.

Pittsburgh Steelers. 18. team. 55. . 1-0. Previous:

Absurd way to win a game, but the defense was lights out. Can it continue to be without T.J. Watt?

. 0-1. Previous: . Tennessee Titans. 17. team. 35

A brutal loss for the Titans. Blowing a double-digit lead at home to the Giants, before missing a potential game-winning field goal.

45. . 0-1. Previous: . Denver Broncos. 16. team

Nathaniel Hackett might be the first coach who could justifiably be fired after one game in NFL history. Not really, but almost.

. 0-1. Previous: . Las Vegas Raiders. 15. team. 28

The Raiders have to be thrilled about Davante Adams, but the offensive line was a wreck, allowing six sacks.

Miami Dolphins. 14. team. 59. . 1-0. Previous:

Only 13 offensive points, but Tua Tagovailoa was solid, Tyreek Hill was excellent, and the Dolphins are unbeaten.

46. . 0-0-1. Previous: . Indianapolis Colts. 13. team

Indianapolis somehow avoided a loss, but tying the Texans? Not ideal.

team. 42. . 0-1. Previous: . San Francisco 49ers. 12

Tough to grade the Niners considering the weather, but it’s still an awful loss to Chicago.

1-0. Previous: . New Orleans Saints. 11. team. 15.

How did the Saints win that game? A miserable performance somehow turning into a victory.

10. team. 60. . 1-0. Previous: . Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota throttled Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to begin the campaign. Great start for new head coach Kevin O’Connell.

. 0-1. Previous: . Cincinnati Bengals. 9. team. 56

Cincinnati is going to be fine, but allowing seven sacks and turning the ball over five times is a mess.

. 1-0. Previous: . Philadelphia Eagles. 8. team. 54

The Eagles have one of the league’s best rosters, and A.J. Brown looked incredible in his new duds.

7. team. 51. . 0-1. Previous: . Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles couldn’t have been a bigger mess in Week 1. The Rams should bounce back against the Falcons.

team. 49. . 0-1. Previous: . Green Bay Packers. 6

No need to panic. The Packers have an opportunity to bounce back against the Bears. They lose this one? Panic.

13. . 1-0. Previous: . Los Angeles Chargers. 5. team

Los Angeles beat the Raiders, and now has a huge challenge against the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

1-0. Previous: . Baltimore Ravens. 4. team. 26.

The Ravens were ravaged by injuries last year. If they’re healthy in 2022, they’re a contender.

. 1-0. Previous: . Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 3. team. 48

Easily the best Week 1 performance from the NFC heavyweights. Tampa Bay shut down the Cowboys.

124. . 1-0. Previous: . Kansas City Chiefs. 2. team

The Chiefs were phenomenal, leading Arizona 37-7 before garbage time. Patrick Mahomes had the best performance of the week.

. 1-0. Previous: . Buffalo Bills. 1. team. 16

Buffalo dominated in Los Angeles, with Josh Allen doing it all in a blowout win over the Rams.