Watch: Marshon Lattimore and Mike Evans got into another huge fight during Bucs-Saints game


Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore got into another fight during the Bucs-Saints game, and they caused some chaos before getting ejected.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but tensions between Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore boiled over into an all-out brawl on the bayou on Sunday.

In what seems like an annual event, Evans and Lattimore threw down in the third quarter of an already sloppy game between the Buccaneers and Saints. Evans took exception to Lattimore getting in the face of Tom Brady, even after Leonard Fournette had already defended his honor.

But rather than settle things down, it only served as an opportunity for Evans to kick up dust with Lattimore. After it the first scuffle had seemingly calmed down, Evans ran back onto the field and rocked Lattimore.

What ensued was a benches-clearing brawl.

Both Evans and Lattimore were ejected from the game, which was actually strategically beneficial for Tampa Bay. With Evans out of the game, the Bucs were down their top three receivers with Julio Jones and Chris Godwin both already being ruled out.

But the brawl also took Lattimore off the field for the Saints defense, and his absence was noticeable. The next time the Bucs got the ball, Brady drove the offense down the field to score the game’s first touchdown and take a lead Tampa Bay never gave back.

The fight will likely result in more punishment from the NFL than just the ejection, but the best thing Evans did all afternoon was take one of the Saints best defensive players off the field.

Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore have a serious beef history

If this seems like something that has happened before, it’s because it has. This is nothing new, even if it’s needlessly frustrating for both Bucs and Saints fans to see continue to happen year after year.

Evans and Lattimore have had beef going all the way back to the start of their careers in the NFL and it seems cooler heads have not prevailed over time. If there was a prop bet for whether or not Evans and Lattimore would fight whenever the Bucs and Saints meet it would be the easiest money anyone ever made gambling on football.

It’s not a case of whether or not the two will get into it, it’s a matter of when.

Wind the clock back to 2017 to see just how far back this beef goes.

They also got into it during the Bucs-Saints showdown in 2020, which was the first time Brady got a front-row seat to the feud.

It’s been less than a full calendar year since Evans and Lattimore got into it, with that fight also taking place in New Orleans:

Simply put, there are hardly any guarantees in football but it’s almost a sure-fire thing that Evans and Lattimore will try to fight each other if they step foot on the same field as one another.