Yankees, Rangers fans showered Aaron Judge with cheers after 62nd home run (Video)

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge got well-deserved applause from a large crowd in Arlington, Texas after hitting his 62nd home run.

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run of the season and got applause from the crowd at Choctaw Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

He’s been a huge topic of conversation in MLB since he was approaching 61 home runs, and most fans have been rooting for him to hit as many as he possibly can.

Whether fans like the Yankees or not, Judge is having an impact on most fans that brings all fanbases together. Even Boston Red Sox fans are rooting for Judge, which is extremely telling of just how big of a deal his home run chase has been.

He’s even had Roger Maris Jr., whose father’s record Judge broke on Tuesday, cheering him on to break it.

Aaron Judge’s AL home run record brings fans together

Judge is bringing so many people together through a shared love of baseball and an opportunity to watch history be made that may only come once in a lifetime. Texas Rangers fans are likely glad to have seen it happen at their stadium, and it will begin a new era of the sport.

Celebrate Aaron Judge’s History-Making Blast With BreakingT

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Sure, they would probably prefer that one of their pitchers didn’t become a footnote in the baseball history books, but that’s part of the game. And the fans reacted accordingly.

There were obviously a ton of Yankees fans in attendance hoping to see history made, especially with such a nationally spread fanbase, but the Rangers fans were also cheering on New York superstar. That’s the beauty of baseball, especially when someone is chasing and now making history.