Richard Sherman practically begs Sean Payton to return from retirement

Sean Payton (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Sean Payton (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

Sean Payton will probably return to coaching at some point. Richard Sherman would like to see it sooner than later.

Richard Sherman, who has been doing commentary work for Amazon Prime on Thursday Night Football, is as frustrated as any of us about the quality of TNF games so far this season.

Here’s what Sherman, the former Pro Bowl defensive back, had to say about the playcalling on Thursday night:

For goodness sake, give Sherman some good football to analyze, please!

In response, Sean Payton agreed with Payton. Sherman was sure to let Payton know that he’ll never be unemployed once he decides to coach again, which feels like it has to happen at some point:

Sherman is simultaneously praising the quality of Payton’s work while also calling out a significant portion of the league. Pretty spicy!

Payton retired from the Saints head coaching gig after last season and is spending some time doing some TV work. After several years with the franchise which included a Super Bowl win in XLIV, Payton hung it up.

At 58 years old, it feels like there could still be something in the tank there.

Sean Payton will need Saints permission to coach elsewhere before 2024

The interesting part about Payton possibly making a return to coaching is that the Saints own his rights through 2024. That means the Saints could command a hefty haul in a unique coach-centered trade if he wants to return — especially if it’s to a rival division or conference rival — which could change their franchise’s fate.

Sherman is right, though. If Payton wants to be employed, he will always have a spot in some capacity in the NFL.

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