Micah Parsons and Marcus Smart team up to support teen facing bullying

Micah Parsons, Cowboys (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Micah Parsons, Cowboys (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Micah Parsons and Marcus Smart are helping a teen facing some high school bullies.

It’s always cool when the big shots stand up for the little guy. On Saturday on social media, that’s what Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons and Boston Celtics star Marcus Smart did.

Videos surfaced of a teen with special needs that has unfortunately been on the receiving end of bullying at school. Recently, the bullying went way too far and resulted in the agitators cutting some of his hair off with electric clippers.

We won’t include the video here, but Micah Parsons saw the video and asked his followers to find him for him, presumably to reach out and show him some support.

Then, Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics jumped in and said he, the Celtics, and Puma would send him a care package.

Former Cowboy and current ESPN analyst also jumped in to say he wanted to help, too.

The high school released a statement on the matter:

It doesn’t matter what team you’re a fan of, it’s impossible to dislike this move from Parsons.

It gives a whole new meaning to what he once said about his hometown, Harrisburg, PA:

"“I’m from Harrisburg where the bullies get bullied,” Parsons bragged. There’s a bully in every gym…At one point, it’s going to take somebody to stand up and fight. I ain’t ever back down from a challenge.”"

Micah Parsons is a great football player and even better person

Micah Parsons is great at football, after his rookie season we all saw that firsthand.

He’s a good guy, too, and this recent example is just one of many.

Parsons participated in a home run derby that raised $80,000 for charity.

His foundation — aimed at helping underprivileged children — has also hosted multiple food donations in the area near his hometown. He also received a key to the city of Harrisburg for his work in the city.

It’s awesome to see a player passionate about doing good and using their fortune to help others.

Keep up the good stuff, Micah.

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