Redrafting the 2016 NBA Draft

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Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports /

G. Toronto Raptors. Malcolm Brogdon. 9. player. 81.

Malcolm Brogdon has been both sixth man and No. 1 option over the course of his NBA career. Early on with the Bucks, Brogdon thrived off the ball. He made smart connective plays within the offense and posted absurdly efficient shooting numbers. Then with Indiana, Brogdon found success as the lead initiator and go-to scorer. His efficiency dropped (how could it not), but he made up for it with volume and playmaking acumen.

That ability to oscillate between roles based on need should make Brogdon a deadly weapon for his new team in Boston. The Celtics have the immense luxury of bringing Brogdon off the bench, but his skill level is such that he will be closing a lot of games.

The biggest knock on Brogdon in the context of this re-draft is his injury history. He appeared in only 36 games last season and has been injured off and on ever since his rookie year. But, as we will soon learn, most of the top players from this class have dealt with injuries in one way or another. Brogdon is not alone on that front.

The window for All-Star recognition has probably passed, but Brogdon is still firmly in the prime of his career. He can bury the defense from deep, or poke around the paint and score with a wide array of floaters and touch shots. He’s a very patient and precise player, and one who certainly elevates Boston’s title odds.