Kyle Schwarber’s NSFW response to no-hitter is exactly what Phillies fans need

Kyle Schwarber, Phillies (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Kyle Schwarber, Phillies (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

Kyle Schwarber had an excellent response to being no-hit in Game 4 that Phillies fans absolutely need to hear.

The Houston Astros pitching staff — led by starter Cristian Javier — pulled off an incredible feat by throwing the first combined no-hitter in World Series history in Game 4 on Wednesday night in a win to tie the series with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Getting no-hit at any stage of the postseason has the potential to be incredibly deflating. And in the World Series? That has the potential to be the end of it for your clubhouse spirit. The motivation and momentum gained by the team throwing in such a scenario could be hard to overcome.

So, obviously, Phillies fans are curious to hear what its players have to say and what the tone of the locker room is following the stinger of a loss. Well, if Kyle Schwarber is any indicator, it’s good news.

Kyle Schwarber has an incredible leadership response to being no-hit

After the Game 4 loss, asked about how it got to get no-hit, Schwarber had this to say:

The NSFW comment is exactly what you expect from a team determined to win a World Series. You absolutely can not get caught up in the story of an individual game — no matter how big it may be — whether that story is good or bad.

Sure, the Astros can ride some momentum from the no-hitter, but they can also get caught up thinking the momentum is on their side. The optimistic story they’re telling themselves has the potential to keep them asleep.

The Phillies are moving right to Game 5, which happens to be Thursday at 8 ET. It could be a double win for Philly fans since the Eagles also play on Thursday night. 

The WS is tied up. Here’s where it gets spicy, because the Thursday winner gets themselves within one win of taking the trophy.

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