Unbelievable stat comparing Brewers and Packers recent wins is depressing

Amari Rodgers, Packers (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Amari Rodgers, Packers (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

Who has won more recently, the Brewers or Packers? The answer might surprise you!

The Green Bay Packers might sit second in the NFC North, but the real tone around the organization is a lot dimmer than that location in the standings would suggest.

At just 3-6, the Packers hit their deepest low yet on Sunday losing to the Lions, who secured just their second win of the season. It was their fifth consecutive loss.

A stat comparing them to the professional baseball team in-state paints a really bleak picture.

Brewers have had a win more recently than the Packers

The Milwaukee Brewers season ended on October 5th. The Brew Crew failed to make the postseason, and their last win came on October 4th.

The Packers have now dropped five games in a row. Their last win? October 2nd. Two days before the Brewers last got one.

Despite the Brewers’ season having been over for more than a month now, they have won more recently than the Packers (first pointed out by a Reddit user).

Losing five in a row (29.4 percent of the season) is the rough equivalent of dropping 48 straight games in a 162-game MLB season. Or if you want to convert it to a 3-game series pace, it’s like losing 16 straight 3-game series. Either way, ouch.

The Packers need to figure it out, and there are a few easy methods to do so this year. After failing to make a move at the deadline, they’re stuck with the roster they have. And it looks like Odell Beckham Jr. might not be an option, with the Cowboys looking like the more likely destination.

Well, maybe the Packers will win before opening day on March 30th… Maybe.

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