Best Buy Thanksgiving hours: Is Best Buy open Thanksgiving?

Can you go shopping at Best Buy on Thanksgiving?

While many people think about food or football on Thanksgiving, that’s not all everyone thinks about. Some people like to get a jump on the holiday season with their shopping, especially with Black Friday right around the corner.

So if you’re thinking about heading to Best Buy on Thanksgiving, you may be wondering if you can even get in, let alone purchase things. Well, sadly for you, the best bet for you is to enjoy the turkey and football that comes with the Thanksgiving holiday, because no, Best Buy is not going to be open at any point on Thanksgiving Day.

Maybe you’re thinking about the electronics brand being open early because of Black Friday. After all, some stores have opened up on Thursday evenings from time to time. Well, if you’re thinking about Black Friday, just about every Best Buy will open at 5 A.M. local time, meaning you’d be best to just enjoy the holiday.

Best Buy is offering a PlayStation 5 bundle for those who arrive early enough

While you can, and are encouraged to go shopping on Black Friday through Best Buy’s website, as it cuts down on so many issues. For those willing to stand in line early, you are going to have the option to purchase the PlayStation 5 bundle that comes with the new God of War game.

The bundle comes with the PS5 plus a copy of “God of War: Ragnarok”, and it’s all available for $599.99. However, Best Buy notes this is only for in-store shoppers and while supplies lasts. Considering that the game on its own is already one of the PlayStations’ best-sellers of all time, it makes sense that the hard-to-find system, combined with the system’s most popular game, will end up being a hot ticket item.

So be sure you ask someone at Best Buy if they still have any in stock.