Bills cater to OBJ’s tastes with gourmet four-course meal during Buffalo visit

Odell Beckham Jr. has a taste for the finer things in life, and the Buffalo Bills did not disappoint in their gourmet four-course menu catering to OBJ.

As far as celebrity athletes rank, Odell Beckham Jr. is among the brightest stars, and it goes beyond his incredible play.

Yes, he remains iconic for his one-handed catch, but it was capitalizing on that image that made OBJ a household name. While in the New York market, OBJ frequented big-city events, showcasing his style at the Met Gala and sitting courtside at NBA games.

When he decided to sign with the Los Angeles Rams last year, the appeal of the Los Angeles lifestyle was a factor in the decision. After all, L.A. has been able to entice athlete entrepreneurs like LeBron James, so it makes sense that OBJ would also want to build his brand there.

Now, a recuperated Beckham is on the hunt for his next NFL adventure, and he’s not limiting his search to major metropolises. At this point, the OBJ brand will follow wherever he goes, and there’s no team hotter than the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills have pulled out all the stops in trying to win over Beckham during his visit this weekend, including a recruiting team that (likely) includes Josh Allen. Von Miller and Stefon Diggs have spoken openly about their desire to see OBJ as a future teammate, one that could help them realize their Super Bowl aspirations.

Part of winning over Beckham is demonstrating the finest that Buffalo has to offer, and that includes an elegant four-course meal prepared by Chef Darian Bryan. If Chef Bryan sounds familiar, it’s because he has been featured on Food Network, CBS News, and ESPN because of his popularity among Bills players. The Bills Wire’s Bradley Gelber dropped a photo of the menu, which looks good enough to make anyone move to Buffalo.

Bills prepare luxurious four-course meal to convince OBJ to sign in Buffalo

The first course consists of a fried goat cheese salad, a rich pairing that juxtaposes fried goat cheese and apples drizzled in balsamic and honey.

The second course, a Cajun seafood pasta, is a surefire way to Beckham’s heart. While signing with his hometown team, the New Orleans Saints, doesn’t appear to be on the table, at least Beckham will know where he can get a taste of home if he moves to Buffalo.

The third course, steak au poivre, says it all though. “Peppercorn-encrusted angus prime tenderloin filet.” It’s a mouthful, and a delicious mouthful according to the lengthy description.

Then there are dessert options offered by Sweet Pea Bakery: gooey butter cake with bourbon ice cream and red velvet cake.

Soon, Beckham will be making one of the most important decisions of his career, one that could very well decide whether or not he will win another Super Bowl ring. Truthfully, his decision could also potentially influence whether or not the Bills win their first Lombardi.

Beckham’s visit to the Cowboys facility on Monday will no doubt complicate things, but at least for Saturday night, Beckham’s toughest choice will be whether he goes with gooey butter cake or a slice of red velvet.