McDonald’s New Year’s hours: Is McDonald’s open on New Year’s Day? [Updated January 2023]

It’s New Year’s Day, do you know if your local McDonald’s is open?

Remember that old slogan from McDonald’s? “You deserve a break today?” Well, on New Year’s Day, they really should bring that slogan back because so many people would probably agree with you. Despite the fact it’s New Year’s Day and literally day one in the year, so many people already think they need a “break today” after their New Year’s Eve festivities.

With all the cooking, cleaning, and, um, “celebrating”, you may be dragging your feet on New Year’s Day. That in itself isn’t the worst thing possible, but considering you have to eat at some point today, you should really consider going to get something to eat.

And if you can do the least bit of work possible while getting that food, all the better. Am I right? So if it’s Jan. 1 and you find yourself dealing with the ol’ stomach rumbles, you may want to head over to Mcdonald’s to get something to eat.

The only problem, it’s New Year’s Day, which means it’s a holiday. Will the land of the Golden Arches and missing mascots get to be open on this newest of years?

I mean, yeah. No one’s closed today but banks, libraries, and the true crimes podcast who refuse to take up the search for Ronald McDonald and his friends. (#JusticeForRonald)

What are McDonald’s hours of operation on New Year’s Day 2023?

This is where things get tricky. Yes, McDonald’s is open, but as they’re all privately owned by franchisees, it’s very likely that most will have differing hours between locations. So you may not arrive in time to get your Big Mac or chicken nuggets.

So be sure to call ahead if you’re truly not sure because the times posted online aren’t always accurate.

Now, do you have a minute to talk about our lord and savior, Grimace?